Short stories published in Hudson Review

Listing 40 stories.

Jaded architect John Cashmore begins finding fault with the greed and ambition of everyone around him, dissolving into erratic behavior on a business trip as he desperately tries to reckon with lost dreams and hopelessness.

A young boy finds a clearing while exploring the wilderness and meditatively observes the nature around him.

A composer returns to his hometown on the East coast to visit the daughter he hasn't seen in twelve years, trying to amend his absence and find the words to describe the unhappiness he feels, despite his fame and success.

Three boys struggle to save their companion on a cave wall climbing trip.

After nearly breaking up with her boyfriend, a young woman distracts herself in the company of a charming guest who is seeking respite from his own set of problems.

A single mother living in the Bay Area is attempting to successfully raise three children, but finds trouble optimizing both their freedom and their safety.

Torn between her perfectly nice husband and her own career, a young woman must decide how much she's willing to sacrifice for the life she wants.

In this satire, a cartographer discovers an isolated North African village in which the sole occupation is counting upward. Living in their utopia forces him to reckon with the utility of reason and the necessity of pain in human life.

All Henry wants is to serve as junior lawyer to his infamous father. But when their latest client happens to be the family of a beautiful girl, Henry finds himself risking his aspirations for her love.

Struggling to write a letter to her old, formidable Mississippian aunt, a woman considers her shame, guilt, exhaustion, and trauma in her Philadelphia apartment that is far from her family and her childhood home.