Short stories tagged with Struggle

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Three boys struggle to save their companion on a cave wall climbing trip.

A young boy runs away from home to visit his older brother in the city, and, becoming worried about his brother, decides to stay in Vancouver with him.

A mother struggles to come to terms with her son's mental illness, and begins to realize how poorly society treats people like him.

A boy living in poverty in Louisiana needs a winter coat, but can't afford one because his father is too afraid to work.

When old friends come to visit, a perpetually single woman is forced to confront her tumultuous relationship with them, along with her own dating history.

A father and son duo attempt to navigate through a fictional video game world while they also face struggles in the real world.

A man accompanies two climbing experts up the Alps mountains. Though he decides to stay behind, the others continue without him in hopes of reaching the summit.

Two sisters play at the beach. The eldest thinks back on their parent's problems and tries to protect her younger sister.