Short stories tagged with Trust

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A grocer in desperate need of help enlists a lawyer to fix his problems, though he refuses to trust the lawyer enough to actually receive help.

After hiring multiple caretakers, one after another, a family finds a near perfect woman whom they adore. However, they are met with a surprise when the caretaker's term comes to an end.

After a bartender falls into a ditch on her walk home, a shy bar patron walks her home every night and feelings begin to develop between them.

A simulacron, who serves as a representative of an alien species, speaks with the US Secretary of Science about their wish to purchase the planet Jupiter. While the Secretary worries about stirring up conflict between the simulacron and another species, the simulacron assures him that no harm will come to Earth, and the two eventually reach an agreement.

Confrontation ensues when a young doctor discovers that his father, also a doctor, prescribes codeine to the old French Quarter of New Orleans instead of legitimately treating them. As the father grows ill, the son slowly adopts the superstitious and traditional medical methods of the Quarter and begins falling into his father’s ways.

Fresh out of rehab, a young man returns to New York City searching for girl he used to know, finding ghosts from his past along the way.

When a wealthy Chinese widower living in San Francisco begins dating a much younger woman, he realizes he may have trusted her too quickly as her true intentions come into question.

A mother struggles to come to terms with her son's mental illness, and begins to realize how poorly society treats people like him.

When his wife becomes pregnant, a doctoral mathematics student watches her slowly pull away from him. He begins to lose touch with reality until a shocking revelation brings him crashing back to Earth.

A white soldier plots to kill a Black lieutenant, but the Black lieutenant knows how to keep his enemies close.