Short stories tagged with Morals

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A grocer in desperate need of help enlists a lawyer to fix his problems, though he refuses to trust the lawyer enough to actually receive help.

A former doctor is called out of his alcoholism and cynicism to help others—first when his nephew is shot, then when a tornado devastates the area.

A graduate student finds himself embroiled in a strange sort of psychological game after he agrees to write a paper for another well-off student.

On the run in a stolen car, a duo gets sucked into something bigger and more unusual than they could've imagined.

In a rural Southern town, a reverend must decide whether he should baptize a man who murdered and abused his ex-wives in order to save a woman and her family from financial instability and uncertainty.

Two rich, arrogant men working in tech find themselves climbing Mount Everest. But as the dangers of the mountain, both natural and supernatural, encroach they must fight to survive.