Short stories tagged with Resentment

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When two very different women suffer a car crash, a one-sided friendship soon becomes a bitter court battle which ends in tragedy.

A young Black girl confronts her overbearing mother's poverty and her lack of a father when she is coerced into attending a program intended to make her a "professional" member of society who can break the cycle of poverty.

In the far future, an invention called "the prism" uses quantum mechanics to cause divergences in future timelines and create a means of communication across these alternate realities. Two different women explore the choices they have made in their own lives and the regrets they harbor--and have to figure out how to ultimately make peace with their decisions.

Family difficulties force a young girl to live with her lonely aunt in the city. As worsening circumstances bring their relationship to a boil, a new friendship brings her unexpected solace.

A man imprisoned for murdering his brother drifts between his visiting wife, his memories of life outside, and his friends in prison as he struggles to find meaning in his captivity -- in everyone's captivity.

An elderly man fills out an exit questionnaire as he leaves his retirement community, intending to admonish the community's doctor. He ends up revealing the details of his final months with his wife and describes how they used to dance together, cherishing their love.

A middle-school girl is pulled out of math class to identify a battered corpse that the police believe to be her often absent and unavailable mother.

During WWII, a lieutenant's death prompts his father to plan an unnecessarily theatric funeral. The late lieutenant's brother is disgusted, knowing the dead man would have hated such an empty gesture.

A graduate student finds himself embroiled in a strange sort of psychological game after he agrees to write a paper for another well-off student.

As a strictly sexual affair stretches past its expiration date, a woman and her taken lover struggle to define their burgeoning feelings for each other.