Short stories published in The Atlantic

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A desperate man in the Air Force reserve in the 1960s struggles with his belief in fighting for the US during the Vietnam War but fears that objecting may lead to his imprisonment.

Blood, sweat, and castrating broncos. A white East Coaster doesn’t know what life is like for Wyoming cowboys and part-Indians until he’s lived it for one day.

On a doe hunting trip with her father and two other men in a forest in the Northern US, a nine-year-old girl reckons with her gender identity.

A college professor sets out to show his elderly mother the simple joys of life and ends up learning about happiness and logic from her instead.

A young Black aspiring writer takes a job as a janitor in a building near Harvard Square where he befriends his retired predecessor and gains a new perspective on life.

An elderly man fills out an exit questionnaire as he leaves his retirement community, intending to admonish the community's doctor. He ends up revealing the details of his final months with his wife and describes how they used to dance together, cherishing their love.

Under the cover of secretarial work in a psychiatric unit, the protagonist records patients’ dreams in a logbook dedicated to Johnny Panic, believing themself a disciple to the omniscient master of fear and creator of all dreams. When the protagonist spends the night at the unit for unfettered access to patient records, the clinic director takes them away to a secure room for electroshock therapy.

In contemporary Connecticut, a 19-year-old boy works at a mechanic shop where he emulates the boss but has an affair with his boss's wife.

Two plumbers in Cleveland finally catch their big break when an investor decides to fund their movie.

In communist Ukraine, a canning engineer reports a heating problem in his apartment to his local city hall—only to learn that his building doesn’t exist in the city registry. He takes drastic measures to restore heating to his apartment.