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A dinosaur hunter explains why he will not let a potential client accompany him to the Jurassic or the Cretaceous periods with a harrowing story about a spoiled rich man.

A family’s plans for the first day of the hunting season are delayed when the reason behind one son and his wife’s separation is revealed.

A hunter in 2055 pays for a precarious time-traveling service to hunt real dinosaurs. But when he actually encounters the giant reptiles, what was supposed to be a unique and cutting-edge experience becomes a horrifying domino effect that disrupts his world forever.

When a sixteen-year-old boy from Indiana visits his uncle to learn more about the family newspaper, he learns about the true life of his deceased father and goes to the spot where he died.

A college student and his former dissertain advisor use their knowledge of anthropology to survive the zombie apocalypse and theorize about the evolution of humans and zombies.

A man reflects on a goose-hunting trip with his mother and her then-boyfriend when he was 16, contemplating how the venture impacted his own philosophies, as well as his relationship with his mother.

On a doe hunting trip with her father and two other men in a forest in the Northern US, a nine-year-old girl reckons with her gender identity.

A couple live in the woods training greyhounds and raising their young son. When an unexpected guest overstays his visit, the husband takes matters into his own hands.

A young boy goes out hunting with a neighbor and a suspicious accident occurs.

After a man's wife dies he goes on a spiritual journey to find happiness after experiencing such loss.