Short stories published in 1932

Listing 30 stories.

A man who firmly believes he does not love the woman he felt obligated to marry begins to realize the gravity of losing her after she ventures into the woods one stormy evening.

A Catholic priest's typical mundane routine is interrupted by a sick woman who requests his presence in fear of her own death. However, what Father Macdowell soon understands is that the woman's wishes conflict greatly with her protective lover, who sees no importance in religious practices.

Sometime during the 20th century, two young boys wake up excitedly on a Florida day with the hope of seeing their estranged father, unaware of how reality will not meet their expectations.

A young boy must travel for help to his neighbor’s house in the middle of a winter storm, but he’s haunted by a mysterious black wolf.

A young screenwriter in Los Angeles is exposed to the corruption beneath the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle after befriending a director and his wife.

A young boy goes out hunting with a neighbor and a suspicious accident occurs.

A man in a jail tells his fellow prisoners the story of a General from the Civil War who was paranoid that two brothers whom he wronged were out to kill him.

An employee writes a heartfelt letter to his former boss to argue that he was wrongfully fired. As he lays out his life story, his hidden cowardice and stubborn ambitions paint a different story.

A man fishing on a bridge speaks to a farmer who is waiting by the road to see his wife and the man his wife left him for drive by. When the two arrive, the man abandons the wife and so does the farmer, leaving the fisherman to comfort her.

The secretary of a deceased, celebrated author visits the house of the author's female friend and attempts to understand why the author devoted so much time to her.