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A teacher at an all girls school thinks about her abusive partner while she is living away from him. She is thrown a birthday celebration at the school and becomes overwhelmed with emotion.

A recently widowed painter invites her stepson over to gift him his late father's field journals, but the visit goes poorly when he brings his girlfriend and her young daughter.

The secretary of a deceased, celebrated author visits the house of the author's female friend and attempts to understand why the author devoted so much time to her.

A woman's husband and daughters work on dividing up her valuables between themselves and one of the woman's friends after her death.

A middle-aged nanny gets hired to take care of a misbehaved five-year-old in the countryside of France, but she remains haunted by her past when she worked at a school and was fired by the man she had feelings for.

A man working multiple jobs to make ends meet comes into a hefty inheritance by way of stocks, but refuses to touch the money in order to keep up a turbulent relationship with his artistic passions.