Short stories published in The Colorado Quarterly

Listing 8 stories.

A teacher at an all girls school thinks about her abusive partner while she is living away from him. She is thrown a birthday celebration at the school and becomes overwhelmed with emotion.

When a woman reunites with her old college professor slash lover, it takes her back to her college-aged self and makes her feel immature and childlike again.

A boy's brother dies in the Korean War, but his grandma believes he is still alive, to the disdain of the family.

A Hollywood film production in a small rural town threatens to destroy everything a young, scrappy local kid knows about his life.

An elderly woman finally reaches out to her estranged nephews to settle the matter of her will, but her unexpected decision leaves them shocked.

After his father's death via windmill accident, a man takes over his father's trade as a windmill builder. When trouble strikes, he must face the same fate as his late father.

A thirteen-year-old space fanatic's day is made when he meets his astronaut role model, but he soon learns that his hero is not who he thought.

A girl going through puberty hopelessly tries to hold onto childhood during a day at the beach, but meddling mothers push her to grow up.