Short stories published in 1973

Listing 26 stories.

A young girl with a grievous family situation grows up and tries to escape her reality by seeking false love and affection.

A Harvard College student reflects on his troubled relationship with his mother as she dies.

An American couple from New York travels to Puerto Rico for the summer during 1938, which proves to be an incredibly volatile moment in history for the island.

When a young hospital attendee runs away from charges of murder, he lands in the refuge of two artists. He stays to learn how to paint and begins to form secretive bonds with his strange hosts.

The landlord of a New York City Brownstone is murdered and through a series of overlapping anecdotes, one of his tenants claims to have solved the mystery.

A quarreling married couple takes a trip to the mountains in Colorado in an attempt to save their marriage, but disaster strikes when they see a pair of young mountain climbers fall, leading to a perilous rescue mission.

A couple live in the woods training greyhounds and raising their young son. When an unexpected guest overstays his visit, the husband takes matters into his own hands.

A woman struggles to care for her son, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a young man and has now lived in a mental hospital for over ten years.

An African American mother prepares dinner with her shy daughter as they wait for her other daughter, an educated graduate trying to embrace her African roots, to arrive. In a tense reunion, the educated daughter's newfound identity and ideals clash with the family's established lifestyle.

After building their dream rural life together in the mountains, a humble couple goes into Rome for their honeymoon and begins to question if their partner would be more satisfied with someone resembling the modern city dwellers around them.