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Six days after getting married, a man discovers that his wife has stolen money from their family and friends, leading him to reflect on many other strange behaviors of hers. He ultimately decides that he will stay and spend his life taking the blame for her and smoothing over her mistakes.

A recently widowed painter invites her stepson over to gift him his late father's field journals, but the visit goes poorly when he brings his girlfriend and her young daughter.

One night in the late 1960s, an American couple vacationing at a lake in Germany gets split up, filling both with dread and fear as they are pushed to their limits trying to reunite.

A Harvard College student reflects on his troubled relationship with his mother as she dies.

A homosexual military sergeant, with no use for his money after his parent’s estrangement, attempts to support the destitute family of a soldier just shipped off to Iraq.

On a trip through Europe, an old man grapples with his terminal illness and finds himself increasingly disappointed by his current lover and missing his old flame.

In a near-future American city, a black teenage girl visits a memory alteration agency with her friends on a night out. She chooses to delete an embarrassing memory from a first encounter with a girl she likes, in hopes of giving their relationship a fresh start.

A young, unhoused couple is washing cars outside a fair when the man picks a fight with a car full of men for a dirty remark said to his girlfriend and ends up with a shattered cheekbone and bruised eye. Later, when some Boy Scouts offer him money to see the his girlfriend's boobs, she agrees, as long as he's not there. After, she hides with the money, prepared to leave him.

When a couple with a strained relationship rides a motorcycle up a dangerous mountain in southern California, they battle for survival against nature and each other.

A Black woman returns to her childhood farm home with her boyfriend, and tries to get him to understand what the land means to her.