Short stories tagged with Dying

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On a trip through Europe, an old man grapples with his terminal illness and finds himself increasingly disappointed by his current lover and missing his old flame.

On a cold winter's day, a doctor travels to the home of a deathly sick man who claims that his illness is actually a curse his wife cast on him.

In the 1990s, as a mother watches her thirty-three-year old son slowly die from AIDS, she grows closer to him than she ever has before.

A girl is taken by the spirited of death, Letty, but not before she hears the horrific story of Letty's death at the hands of a white man.

A lonely young drummer with a talent for old fashioned jazz music joins a band of elderly men and ends up having a surprisingly good time with them.

A seventeen-year-old Jewish boy reflects on his life as he lies gushing out blood, on the brink of death, in Germany at the end of World War II.

A writer dying of gangrene in the African savannah reflects on his past experiences and the stories he will never write as he converses with his wife.