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After her sister dies, an actress in New York uses her supernatural powers to manipulate time and try to save her sister, but each attempt causes uncontrollable side effects that threaten to destroy the world.

When a mother crosses the United States southern border to escape the unsafe conditions of her home country, she begins having psychotic episodes while she waits to be reunited with her five-year-old son, from whom she was separated during the journey.

A young woman grows up without magic in a magical family and society, with strict rules and roles that are often tied to gender. When she sets off on a journey and her adult life begins, she finds her worldview tested—especially when members of her family come out as transgender and begin to transition.

A girl is taken by the spirited of death, Letty, but not before she hears the horrific story of Letty's death at the hands of a white man.

When the 1979 June 4th Revolution in Ghana spreads across the country, the people of a small town quickly change from hopeful to fearful as life becomes violent. To cope, they must turn to the most powerful presence in their lives.

When a solider, who recently returned from fighting in the Philippines during World War II, comes to after an episode of PTSD, he realizes that the violence he dreams he has committed is not actually a dream at all.

Two airship engineers who suddenly find themselves jobless decide to make a dangerous train journey from post-war Baltimore to San Fransisco for better chances at finding work.

A beautiful young woman moves to New York, where she lives in an apartment alone and works as a floor model, only to constantly have the unnerving feeling that someone is watching her. When she is attacked by the married man who lives in the apartment across the street, her neighbors come together to support her.

As he witnesses his neighbor being kidnapped, Kyle must make a choice to either defy his strict, overbearing parents or remain silent.