Short stories published in Western Review.

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As a terminal illness puts a woman's life is put on a timeline, her ex-lover comes to visit in the presence of her current husband and children present. The husband faces self-conscious thoughts while witnessing his wife's behavior towards the other man.

A priest assailed by doubt in his faith and purpose visits Dick Carson, a mutual friend whose wife has just died in a car accident. By sharing their interests with one another, they find comfort and fulfillment in their relationship.

A group of musicians mourn their recently deceased friend. Their complicated ways of grieving conflict with one another as they try to plan a memorial party together.

A Scottish Foreign Scholar tries to help the beggars he encounters at his university in India, but finds his outlook on life greatly changed by the sincerity of those he once looked down upon.

A struggling writer finally completes his novel, only to have his original voice corrupted by the demands of his publisher. His supportive family cannot understand why he is unhappy with his success - but after a tragic accident leads to his death, they find solace in the remnants of his work.

When a solider, who recently returned from fighting in the Philippines during World War II, comes to after an episode of PTSD, he realizes that the violence he dreams he has committed is not actually a dream at all.