Short stories tagged with Healing.

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After 300,000 teens and young adults commit mass suicide, a student pursuing their PhD investigates what caused the Year of Suicide, forcing them to relive their trauma and navigate the process of healing from so much death.

An aging woman takes care of her grandson's latest infatuation: a mystical woman-rabbit creature trying to get home.

An man with nothing begins renting a room in the home of a couple in rural Washington. As he stays with them, the emptiness he feels begins to be filled.

After his wife's tragic death, a man is visited by several small gods— including that of grief, joy, and heavy hearts — who help him go back to life as normal after his loss.

In a wild west boardinghouse, a young woman nurses an injured miner back to health while she reflects on her past relationships with men.

An autistic, selectively mute eight-year-old boy befriends a girl who secretly murders neighborhood pets. He becomes the accomplice to her sociopathic crimes, in the hopes that she can somehow lead him back to his dead twin brother.

In a world of gods and demons, two young girls leave their village in search of better fortunes and adventure.

Photographer Jerry Butler has an affair with one of his subjects - Brianna Riley, a famous singer with a curious and rare condition. When his wife walks in on them, he has to choose between the two.

A divorced woman reflects upon a bizarre medical experience that still emotionally binds her to her ex-husband.

A magician badly wants to fight and calls on a deity to help her when her gender bars her from doing so. She gets embroiled in a plot to defeat the evil Daemon King of Engim, with the help of fellow fighters and a powerful deity.