Short stories by Sunny Moraine

I’m 30. I live outside Washington DC. I’m married. I’m a PhD candidate in sociology. I’m queer in both/many senses of the word. I have cats. I write. That last is most pertinent to the content of this site, but any or all of the rest of the things on the list may be as well, so, for your reference, here they are. I’m new at this. I’m learning. I’m making a lot of it up as I go. If you want to contact me, buy/read my stories, see what I’ve got coming down the pike, or read my semi-daily blitherings about writing and video games and grad school and cats, we have links for that (on the right). If you want to go to blogs that I like to read, or other places on the internets at which I can be found, we also have links for that (and they are also on the right). If you want me to tell you the meaning of life, what really does go bump in the night, for whom the bell actually tolls, what evil lurks in the hearts of men, or why birds suddenly appear every time you’re near, I’m afraid I can’t help you there. Though believe me, I have some ideas. Please to refer to me via the singular they.

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After 300,000 teens and young adults commit mass suicide, a student pursuing their PhD investigates what caused the Year of Suicide, forcing them to relive their trauma and navigate the process of healing from so much death.

Undead girls begin re-entering the world of the living, emerging from refrigerators, and taking up space across society.

An unnamed narrator uses their own flesh and blood to cast evil spells and curses onto those who stand in their way. An unnamed narrator recounts the way they are able to cast spells by tearing off and consuming their own flesh and blood, and explains what has happened to those who have crossed them.