Short stories tagged with Gory

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A six-year-old boy is tasked with helping his mother give birth at their remote home in the woods.

The crew aboard a freight ship are gruesomely murdered in a sacrificial and ritualistic manner.

Anne Boleyn keeps dying at King Henry VIII's hands, but she never stays dead for long.

As you are walking through a city one day, bodies begin to rain from the sky.

A former Texas Ranger, now in his late 60s, now works as a PI and serves subpoenas on the side. One day, he finds himself accidentally entangled in a brutal murder in a small Texan town and does his best to bring the murderer to justice.

An unnamed narrator uses their own flesh and blood to cast evil spells and curses onto those who stand in their way. An unnamed narrator recounts the way they are able to cast spells by tearing off and consuming their own flesh and blood, and explains what has happened to those who have crossed them.