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In the near future, a young mother leaves behind a book for her daughter before she embarks on her space journey to the outer solar system in an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial creatures. Sections from her book are interspersed with her husband's verbal recollections of their love story, which he addresses to their young daughter.

In an apocalyptic future shaken by earthquakes, an optimistic painter and a pragmatic, pink-haired engineer find love on a crumbling lakeside pier in between the trembles.

In a flood-ravaged world, a haughty man turns away beggars who, unlike him, failed to stock up before the dystopia, unless one man makes a request he’d never heard before: whiskey, please.

Humanity is gone, collectively vanished in an instant, leaving one single woman behind - or so she thinks. Then she meets the last man. Unfortunately, he's a jerk.

A woman faces a choice after she is brought back to life after the annihilation of the human race: Should she ask the race who resurrected her to resurrect all humankind?

When a low-budget science fiction television show successfully predicts the discovery of extraterrestrial life, its cult followers investigate its mysterious origins, only to be met with more mysteries.

A young boy in 20th-century Los Angeles bides his time before the apocalypse by doing nothing out of the ordinary.

After working for four years as a chef who serves the meat of Gods to an evil council of spirits, Hark begins to regain hope in humanity and must consider the danger he is about to inflict on the world.

On Christmas, a security guard tries to prevent a monster from exploiting the weakness of the dimensions to reach Earth and destroy the world.

As you are walking through a city one day, bodies begin to rain from the sky.