Short stories tagged with Extinction

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A newscaster recently arrived in space receives ominous advice from a jaded engineer: whatever you do, leave space because getting attracted to aliens will be the death of us all.

In the far future, extraterrestrials wage war on Earth. Despite the aliens’ comparative strength, mankind’s tenacity fascinates one extraterrestrial soldier to the point of absolute endearment.

In an Alaskan war camp during the apocalypse, a former microbiologist butchers the only form of meat left for consumption: the corpses of her deceased neighbors.

A woman faces a choice after she is brought back to life after the annihilation of the human race: Should she ask the race who resurrected her to resurrect all humankind?

A brilliant little boy is taken to an elite school in space to learn how to fight "buggers", insect-like aliens who have attacked Earth in the past and will likely attack again. Along the way, he is forced to participate in acts of extreme violence that challenge who he believes himself to be.

Willie Proudfit sits on his front porch one night and reminisces on his time living a wild and rowdy life out West on the plains, side by side with Native people. After a near-death experience, he comes to recognize the importance of settling down in a place you can call home, with the people you love.

A white teacher and her Navajo students try to protect the last eagle on their territory from a hunter in a helicopter. They end up engaging in direct combat with the helicopter, with the eagle even participating as well.

After a mysterious plague causes humans and animals to give birth to mutated creatures, a zookeeper and his mutated daughter struggle to keep their traveling zoo show in business.

In an alternate universe on the brink of World War IV, a girl struggles against the capitalist system that has deteriorated into a meaningless, exploitative life. How far is she willing to go to stay out of trouble?

There has been a rise in men killing women in the modern-day world. Scientists desperately try to understand why this phenomenon is occurring and must do everything in their power to stop this before all of humanity becomes extinct.