Short stories tagged with Resistance

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When he and his fellow workers are left unemployed by the mechanization of the cotton-picking process, a man overcomes his instincts to flee, and stays with his friends as they set out to make a new life.

A black woman has learned to use the police force's human-eating dragons against them by feeding them collard greens.

A group of rebels try to build an army against an oppressive government system. However, they have to do it in secret, in fear of getting punished.

A man who is chronically late in a society where lateness is fatal takes up an alter ego that seeks to convince people that you shouldn't be a slave to your schedule.

A white teacher and her Navajo students try to protect the last eagle on their territory from a hunter in a helicopter. They end up engaging in direct combat with the helicopter, with the eagle even participating as well.

The relationship between the Italians and the French run thin before and after the armistice, and two men (one Italian and one British) living in France try to understand where their place in the world is.