Short stories published in Cosmopolitan

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An enigmatic, aging nightclub hostess finds her cool exterior challenged when an unexpected marriage proposal comes from a millionaire admirer.

On the train ride to their honeymoon, young newlyweds bicker over inconsequential issues that appear as though will never be resolved.

A middle aged man becomes the talk of the town when he shares a crazy story regarding his missing friend and creatures that live beneath a water pump house.

A woman whose husband has gone to war finds herself living in his mother's house; her inability to control her impulses rouses the ire of her mother-in-law, and drives her into the arms of her husband's brother.

A man must save his best friend - or at least hear his story - after he's sentenced to death for double homicide.

A white teacher and her Navajo students try to protect the last eagle on their territory from a hunter in a helicopter. They end up engaging in direct combat with the helicopter, with the eagle even participating as well.

A man tells the story of an insane man who killed someone to give a deceased girl a guardian angel.

A high school English teacher copes with his disappointing reality by imagining a secret life for himself at a distinguished university campus - but he is shocked and furious when one of the students that he looks down upon has a similar method of escapism.

An Englishman mysteriously arrives in small-town Wyoming, and quickly assimilates into the local culture until a man from his past unexpectedly arrives.

On Christmas vacation in Florida, a ten-year-old boy and his family take a fishing boat out to the Gulf of Mexico, where the boy's father hopes to catch the first tarpon of the year. While the boy is sensitive and observant, his father looks for ways to push his son to be more strong and brave.