Short stories tagged with Belief

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In seventeenth-century Delft, a fanatically curious fabric merchant invents the microscope. Even as he neglects and abuses his family, he discovers a new world of life.

A middle aged man becomes the talk of the town when he shares a crazy story regarding his missing friend and creatures that live beneath a water pump house.

After a tense dinner party at a wealthier family's house, a young girl and her family get into a car accident that sets the girl's life on a dark and magical trajectory. Once she grows older, she sets out on a road trip with hopes to leave her haunting past behind and start anew elsewhere.

In British India, tales of the supernatural inspire a young English girl and her brother to chase an elusive ghost, despite their parents' skepticism.

When an anthropology professor moves with his family to a remote home on the Great Plains, a new friendship with an idealist, a landscaping disaster, and a disheartening consultation with an Indigenous man shake his beliefs about cultural relativism to the core.

A sociopath joins an all women's cult so that she can satiate her desire to kill men. However, she begins to be convinced of the beliefs that the rest of the women preach and follow religiously.