Short stories tagged with Class Differences

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A waitress struggling to pay her college tuition sleeps with a wealthy middle aged woman, who introduces her to a life of pitiful pretentiousness.

In India, a young man wishes to impregnate his wife and raise the child with his secret male lover, but his lover hesitates.

In the 1930s, a young American girl and an Englishwoman board a bus to Biarritz, France. On the trip, the woman attempts to indoctrinate the young girl about living a life of luxury.

A young woman discusses with her mother her regret for marrying an older wealthy man who lives in their boarding house. The mother, tired of the family's financial struggles, attempts to motivate her daughter to start a better life with her new husband.

In the early twentieth century, a daughter of plantation owners enjoys playing with the daughter of her black nanny. When she is required to play with a white girl from another plantation, she struggles between keeping her original friendship and succumbing to the racist pressures of her society.

A young boy's frank essay on moral principles is erroneously published in the local paper, and the resulting fallout is mayhem for both the boy's family and the paper's editors.

After a tense dinner party at a wealthier family's house, a young girl and her family get into a car accident that sets the girl's life on a dark and magical trajectory. Once she grows older, she sets out on a road trip with hopes to leave her haunting past behind and start anew elsewhere.

When new neighbors move onto the same street as a man and woman's farmhouse, the woman takes an immediate dislike to them while the man tries to help them out.

In a Victorian London where the upper class eats the poor, a young married woman gains an invite to a coveted cannibalistic feast, pleasing her husband and elevating her social status. But after a falling out with the hostess and her husband, she is forced to make a sacrifice from her own family before she can be reaccepted into high society.

A woman has dinner with her husband and stepchildren and is interrupted by a stranger at the door, which prompts her to reminiscence about her past—the houses, love, and drama.