Short stories tagged with Family Dynamics

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Two regulars at the Del Norte golf course find refuge from their messy divorces in one another.

A man and his elderly, mentally-ill mother battle for control of their home's thermostat in a future climate of extremely high temperatures year-round.

After the death of her father-in-law, a depressed woman and her husband travel to Ohio to attend the funeral.

A 21st-century family reunites every year for a battle against the Crawfather, a crawdad monster the size of an 18-wheeler that has killed and eaten many family members.

When a seamstress marries for practicality, she finds herself devoid of the love she dreamed of and taking care of an old woman with a penchant for breaking china.

After a skin bleaching attempt burns off Eno's skin, Uzoamaka is still jealous because Eno's skin is now lighter.

A divorced mother watches her son unravel with shame while on a visit home from school as he reveals that an older, married woman has expressed sexual interest in him. The mother wavers between whether to intervene, or to sit back and let him handle the consequences of his actions.

While a mid-western US man waits for his family to gather in the car to finally leave his in-law's house, he wanders around the area and thinks about the importance of family, even though he and his father-in-law often disagree on values.

A young woman discusses with her mother her regret for marrying an older wealthy man who lives in their boarding house. The mother, tired of the family's financial struggles, attempts to motivate her daughter to start a better life with her new husband.

When a father-son duo uses their political power to transform an old Philippine town, they overspend the town's budget and must find a way to quickly recover the money.