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Protagonist Leo Gold attends the annual Anarchists’ Convention in New York City, a spectacle predictably filled with divisions and subcommittees and impassioned debates over topics as banal as the order events and whether dinner should be self-serve or not. But when the hotel manager comes in to ask the party to vacate the room as it had been previously booked, the group unites to building barricades and sing protest songs in defense of their noble cause.

While attending a science convention in Hollywood, a physicist begins to notice similarities between quantum theory and her own life.

In modern day New York City, a woman working on a movie set attracts an actor who might just give her the life of fame she's always wanted.

A middle-aged, single, hairdresser spends the day spreading gossip from client to client. She ends her busy day with an ultimate act of meddling.

A story is on trial for falsely claiming to be science fiction in a satirical 1940’s London courtroom.

When a father-son duo uses their political power to transform an old Philippine town, they overspend the town's budget and must find a way to quickly recover the money.

In a school full of refugees and immigrants in early 2000s America, a teacher shares his traumas with his math class. Meanwhile, a cop tries to prevent a young Vietnamese boy from murdering a fellow student.

An accidental painter and jazz drummer unintentionally create a symbol that becomes a psychological phenomenon as an interior decorator, industrial designer, clinical psychologist, and cultural anthropologist attempt to uncover the ancestral lore behind the craze.

A bipolar screenwriter in a New York City psych ward falls in love with a depressed Yugoslavian ballerina.

A mother takes her son and his friend to a prison to see the electric chair to teach the boys about right and wrong at an early age.