Short stories tagged with Philosophical

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A middle-aged woman leads a traveling circus act through the Midwest featuring 26 monkeys who climb into a bathtub and disappear and then reappear on her bus after the show. The impending death of one of the key monkeys causes her to wrestle with the meaning of life.

Following a messy breakup, an MIT graduate and a PhD student at Indiana University separately talk about the problems in their former relationship in two spliced-together conversations, exploring conflicts surrounding language, intimacy, commitment, and intellectualism.

On the campus of Pembleton College, a fierce debate arises. Should the student body mandate calliagnosia, a neurological imposition that prevents one from seeing and evaluating the beauty of others? Hear what students, professors, lobbyists, and others have to say regarding the matter right before the consequential vote.

As a woman slips in and out of sleep, her dreams become windows to moments in her life.

A motley crew of hobos jump between trains and travel through various towns in search of jobs and learn the importance of companionship amidst hardships.

A mother takes her son and his friend to a prison to see the electric chair to teach the boys about right and wrong at an early age.

Facing liquidation due to public mistrust of robotic life-forms, a historic robotics company introduces a new eco-friendly form of robot in hopes of improving robot-human coexistence only to accidentally pave the way for robot domination of life on Earth.

A teenage girl at a boarding school in the 1920s goes with her roommates, who are all very different from herself, to a school-sanctioned viewing of an eclipse. The experience has an unexpected impact on her.

A schoolmarm attempts to teach a group of men about justice, time, and irony in a repurposed saloon after they vote to have her hung for her disciplinarian ways.

When an alien spaceship lands on Earth in need of help, leaders of countries around the world help and house them, causing tension between humans and these costly guests.