Short stories published in Terraform

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A desperate former arsonist attends a job fair where major American companies offer prisoners the chance to become public brand ambassadors.

In a world where reboots, people whose digital minds have been downloaded into new bodies, are the lowest class, a living human has a chance to take society down.

While on a near-future mission in Afghanistan, a soldier must scrounge up a quorum and receive enough upvotes from the American public before he can execute an important kill.

A depressed, middle-aged San Francisco writer gives his artificially intelligent alter ego permission to assume his personality in public, resulting in an unexpected boom for the washed-up man.

In a futuristic surveillance state in the near future, a young man's lover gets admitted to a high security prison and he attempts to use music to save her. Unfortunately, he barters for her life—which has been downloaded on a drive—only to discover the file has been erased by a nefarious hologram.

In a world where death is a foreign past to the privileged people who live on their technologically-advanced home in space, the Satellite, a television representative travels to Earth to make a deal with a village chief who is dying from cancer. In exchange for broadcasting the immersive experience of the chief's death, the television representative will provide the chief with technology to help his village better survive in the ruined wasteland that the Earth has become.

In the distant future, a war between humans and aliens occurs where only women may serve in the army. Concerned and suspicious about the lies she's being told, a mother yearns for her daughter to return.

When an alien spaceship lands on Earth in need of help, leaders of countries around the world help and house them, causing tension between humans and these costly guests.