Short stories tagged with Victorious Ending.

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In a mythological kingdom ruled by a greedy king, a woman forced to marry the king and her children are separated and imprisoned. Through various perspectives, their stories unfold as they attempt to free themselves.

In a New York City of the near future, a middle-aged suit finds his life upturned when online terrorists accuse him of humanitarian crimes in front of everyone he knows.

In a Tucson, Arizona of the near future, an Asian American engineer races to salvage her prized creation, a stratosphere-orbiting balloon, before it can be hijacked to serve nefarious purposes.

A depressed, middle-aged San Francisco writer gives his artificially intelligent alter ego permission to assume his personality in public, resulting in an unexpected boom for the washed-up man.

In a world brimming with magical realism, a young girl in Communist China confronts a malicious member of the Red Guard when he threatens her ailing grandmother.

In 1763 Liverpool, a prostitute unknowingly takes a smock from the Devil, leading to an unexpected and consequential conversation about human nature, violence, and the fate of mankind.