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A woman reflects on a day — back when she was a young poet in 1972 New York City — she spent retrieving furniture to borrow from a young man about to visit his home in Chile. The man was eventually taken by the secret police, leaving the woman with his furniture for years to come.

Old priest travels to Rome to visit the Vatican, where he sustains an injury sending him into a trip down memory lane.

A depressed, middle-aged San Francisco writer gives his artificially intelligent alter ego permission to assume his personality in public, resulting in an unexpected boom for the washed-up man.

After a woman gives birth to her third child, her mother-in-law sends a nanny to help around the house. The nanny establishes a close bond with the new baby, eventually kidnapping him.

Ginny is dolled up by Oliver, a loose male acquaintance, to simulate friendship and help him back out of an unwanted encounter.

A dancer becomes disillusioned after moving to Tel Aviv to study under a long admired choreographer. Once she begins to see an actor's face at pivotal points in her life, she decides to quit the dance company and leave Tel Aviv.

An American in Germany stays at a men's hostel while undergoing expensive medical treatment and falls into despair as he waits for his despondent girlfriend to arrive.

In the mid-1900s, an upper class mother observes her two daughters playing with doves they mysteriously find on the lawn. She dwells on her relationship with her daughters, her husband, and her age as a storm brews and tragedy befalls her daughters.

A story with an unconventional structure that asks "What is your number one priority?"

Shy but resolute, Martha Fiske meets the eccentric and detached soldier Tony Jones at a party and an intuitive friendship is born. Martha begins to fall for Tony, but as she yearns for permanence and commitment, he backs away from it.