Short stories tagged with Reflection

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A young man recently dumped by his boyfriend finds both solace and conviction in memories of his past and an unusual romantic memoir from the 1950s. But the more he delves into the book and his memories, the greater his feelings of pain and regret.

A home invasion brings out the worst in a young boy.

A woman's obsession with her childhood reflection leads her sailor husband to gift her a full-length mirror that changes the family’s dynamics.

Old priest travels to Rome to visit the Vatican, where he sustains an injury sending him into a trip down memory lane.

A young American man now living in Europe reflects upon his upbringing and the deaths of his parents. As he reminisces, he must decide whether he should stay in his new life or return to America.

During her conversations with her mother, a daughter often muses about the past, both politically and personally. She discovers more about her mother but also about the world around her as she observes life and its souvenirs.

A mother struggles to understand her autistic son as she grapples with her own self-doubt.

When a middle-aged woman finds out that her deceased father, a prominent New York justice in the early 20th century, was cuckolded by her mother, the daughter reevaluates her father’s far-reaching influence on her life.

An elderly Chinese engineer reflects the time he spends working on obsolete space craft in relative isolation.

The Langs host a going-away party for family friend Jack Felton, who looks back on the night years later and marvels at how dramatically his friends' lives have changed.