Short stories tagged with Forbidden Love

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The granddaughter of a revered Princeton genius reaches out to her family's maid to uncover what terrible secrets tore her family apart and resulted in his lonely death many years ago.

A young boy burns with childish attraction for his mother's beautiful friend, but finds that a single mistake could ruin everything he imagined between them.

When a heartbroken court doctor is banished to a remote village in the Middle East, he gets summoned to help a hermit couple with an unusual medical procedure.

Old priest travels to Rome to visit the Vatican, where he sustains an injury sending him into a trip down memory lane.

A Navajo man tells the story of how he fell in love with an American woman and followed her to the northern mountains, consequently meeting her disapproving husband and breaching the boundary between American and Native American culture.

On her missions to Mars, a microbiology botanist attempts to introduce natural life to the planet. However, it is not nature, but love, that begins to take root.

Two American expatriates in modern Tanzania are mourning a lost lover in a tourist inn when a murderous hyena breaks their peace, hungry for the lover's corpse.

Sinkler escapes from his chain gang with a woman who also wants to escape her own version of prison, however, his escape ends in tragedy.

In 1749, a 12 year-old girl must prevent her brother from selling their beloved home in woody Northern Manhattan, and she seeks help from a nearby witch.

When a woman meets her striking neighbor, the two engage in a forbidden love affair filled with longing and heartache.