Short stories tagged with Loveless Marriage

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A farmhand is shot as he attempts to assault one of the farm's female boarders, and the ensuing legal altercations are messy and painful.

A woman in an uninspired marriage to an older man prepares to leave him. After he slips in the tub and injures himself, she must decide if she should still go.

When a house dog grows depressed alongside her owner, the dog escapes into the woods and must learn how to survive on her own four feet.

A mysterious young man appears at an old woman’s house one day and woos her deaf daughter. Impressed by how hardworking he is, the woman allows him to wed her daughter — but what are his true intentions?

When a woman meets her striking neighbor, the two engage in a forbidden love affair filled with longing and heartache.

An adult male's father randomly acquires the habit of thumb sucking. When his father later invites him to attend a social gathering, he is horrified as he witnesses the guests' inexplicable, taboo activities.

In the early days of World War III, an American millionaire's daughter and a British aristocrat celebrate their wedding at a ritzy hotel. They hold lavish spectacles and debate about the nature of reality, while they anxiously consider the impending war.