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After a painful breakup that leaves you feeling incompetent, you opt for a chimera-transformative surgery that does exactly what the name implies: transforms you into a part-lion, part-goat, part-serpent creature. In a dystopian world that idealizes animal beauty over human beauty, you hope that the change will protect you from getting hurt again.

In the near-future, hidden somewhere in the United States, lies the Institute, a center designed to help queer citizens lead normal, heterosexual lives via simulated reality experiments. However, when two young male employees start to meet in secret, they begin to question their jobs, their ever-fading memories, and the oddly familiar identities of their subjects. In the near future of the United States lies the Institute, where queer citizens learn how to lead happy, heterosexual lives with AI. One male employee, though, is struggling with his subject, and when he and a male coworker meet in secret to plan strategies for conversion, an unexpected spark begins his questioning of his fading memory, the rules of their workplace, and the odd familiarity of his subject.

When a woman meets her striking neighbor, the two engage in a forbidden love affair filled with longing and heartache.