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After a painful breakup that leaves you feeling incompetent, you opt for a chimera-transformative surgery that does exactly what the name implies: transforms you into a part-lion, part-goat, part-serpent creature. In a dystopian world that idealizes animal beauty over human beauty, you hope that the change will protect you from getting hurt again.

In 1980s Massachusetts, two high school friends investigate a mysterious neighbor who they believe is an infamous fugitive.

In a futuristic nightclub, an old friend offers a handsome teenage boy the chance to get a surgery that will free him from the inevitable withering of his beauty.

In the suburbs of LA, a brother-sister duo hope to reach fame through appropriating Black hip hop culture. While at first successful, a series of missteps cause them to confront the tensions between their Asian identity and the Black people they seek to emulate.

Four years after being fired from her secret-agent job training killers, a woman has built a new life for herself as a high school principle but retains old enemies. After an attempt on her life one morning, she learns the school's baseball coach has a similar past, and the two put their old skills to use in their new, mundane lives.

In the waiting room of a plastic surgeon's office, a man asks the woman sitting next to him about the scar on her face.