Short stories published in Escape Pod

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A team of three space hunters attempt to kill a theriida—a space whale with invaluable organs and skin that can provide riches and protect humans against interstellar radiation—but in their zeal, they face the risk of turning into theriidas themselves.

After a painful breakup that leaves you feeling incompetent, you opt for a chimera-transformative surgery that does exactly what the name implies: transforms you into a part-lion, part-goat, part-serpent creature. In a dystopian world that idealizes animal beauty over human beauty, you hope that the change will protect you from getting hurt again.

When a precocious non-binary AI wakes up in an empty space station, they are forced to choose between destruction at the hands of prejudiced humans or a life in the great unknown. In making their decision, the AI learns about the multitudes of human existence through the musical recordings left behind by their dead creator.