Short stories published in In My Other Life

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A man reminisces on his youth working as a bartender in New York, 1969. He's stressed about money and the cook in the bar gets him into drugs, to which his girlfriend is opposed.

An older female employee at a video store mentors a younger girl about the idea of agency, trying to prevent the girl from developing a relationship with an older man who does not have her best intentions in mind.

A married woman has a conversation with her friend's ex-boyfriend who expresses his regret for a series of failed relationships. Though the woman is happily married, these conversations remind her of her own regrets and abusive ex-husband.

A woman in an uninspired marriage to an older man prepares to leave him. After he slips in the tub and injures himself, she must decide if she should still go.

A drug counselor grows anxious about leaving her career in New York City and moving upstate, where she will dedicate herself to her partner and daughter.

A lesbian woman living far from home becomes combative and hostile when a man she thought was her friend passes judgment on her family and choice to become a mother. At the same time, her partner pushes her to understand that it is still possible to live a happy life with their daughter, even while homophobia lingers in many of their interactions with others.

News of a hurricane prompts an adult man to call his friend, and they reminisce about their past as partners in a drug-smuggling operation together.

A middle-aged woman reflects on the strangeness and wildness of adolescence as she watches her best friend's teenage son behave in ways that hurt himself and others. As his behavior worsens, the women struggle to find the courage to confront him.

A middle-aged woman struggles to co-parent with her ex-husband when he comes to visit their young daughter in Italy.

A woman guides her younger, mentally ill step-sister as she enters adulthood in New York City. But after a rowdy night at the bar, her step- sister goes missing.