Short stories published in Zoetrope

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An aging couple living in post-Mao Beijing hide their disabled daughter from the world, and help a man conceal his affair as their own marriage is eroded by a secret.

A Latvian man who immigrated to Los Angeles as a boy must travel back to his homeland to ensure that his grandfather receives his new gravestone after the stonecutter his family was corresponding with dies.

An unorthodox doctor must find a way to exonerate himself from slanderous rumors circulating the island he and his family call home.

In a near future where environmental collapse has progressed, a young woman and her crush illegally gather shed elk antlers to sell on the black market. Meanwhile, the woman's aging father, fixated on his impending death and consumed by guilt, attempts to square his ecological debts.

A Midwestern woman reflects on a past heartbreak from 1993 that led her to check into a tacky hotel, drink her worries away, seduce a married late-night radio talk show host, and doubtfully come to a personal realization.

A Vietnamese-Australian writer at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop receives a visit from his estranged father. With his final story due in a few days, he looks to his father’s life for inspiration.

When a house dog grows depressed alongside her owner, the dog escapes into the woods and must learn how to survive on her own four feet.

Torn between the demands of being a mother, keeping a home, and working a job as a prison officer, a woman struggles to make ends meet.

A Japanese primate sociologist's life falls apart in slow-motion as he struggles with research, tension in his marriage, and his declining health.

A young woman stumbles upon an explicit photograph of her now-deceased mother hung in a museum. She tracks down the photographer looking for answers she may not care to find.