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In a retelling of the story of Helen of Troy from the Iliad, King Agamemnon's daughter grapples with rage and sorrow when her father agrees to sacrifice her to appease the gods.

A young trader travels across the universe, criticizing the barbarism of different cultures. After he offends the values of Vikings in Western Europe, he must escape the forces that want him dead and make it back to his lover in his homeland, Eutopia.

A Midwestern woman reflects on a past heartbreak from 1993 that led her to check into a tacky hotel, drink her worries away, seduce a married late-night radio talk show host, and doubtfully come to a personal realization.

When the narrator is raped by the minotaur in Minos’s labyrinth, their friends stand by and film it, leaving the narrator and King Minos to discuss what happened

A young boy who lives in Icaria with his grandmother mourns the loss of his new friend and companion, a puppeteer who died in childbirth.

When Pauline’s affair with the director of the amateur production of “Eurydice” turns serious, Pauline leaves her husband in the middle of their vacation, unwittingly leaving her children behind as well.