Short stories tagged with Tragic Ending.

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When two very different women suffer a car crash, a one-sided friendship soon becomes a bitter court battle. Farcical though their situation may be, it ends in tragedy all the same.

An aging couple living in post-Mao Beijing hide their disabled daughter from the world, and help a man conceal his affair as their own marriage is eroded by a secret.

During the 1970s, a teenaged boy's Vietnam War veteran uncle takes drastic action against his mother's widowed lover.

A mechador who taunts cars much like how matador taunts bulls has become a cyborg after his second death in the ring, but comes out of his retirement to face down the cars once again.

In an apocalyptic future shaken by earthquakes, an optimistic painter and a pragmatic, pink-haired engineer find love on a crumbling lakeside pier in between the trembles.

A space pilot ordered to annihilate a human colony contemplates sabotaging the mission, but the autopilot on the ship maintains the course.

In a near-future United States where temperatures have reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit and wildfires burn with a vengeance, a teenage girl from Arizona anxiously awaits her construction worker's father's return from his workplace.

After their college-bound brother is killed by crystal meth dealers, two brothers seek revenge in Carson City — at an immense price.

As a group of international journalists flee the Nazi invasion of Paris, they seek refuge at a man's home, but the man decides to hold them hostage. The group must decide how much they're willing to pay for their freedom.

In Chicago in the 1920s, a young gangster gets a windfall of cash and aims to spend it on his girlfriend and himself before his luck runs out.