Short stories tagged with Climate Crisis

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On an artificial island build to counter the effects of climate-induced flooding, an immigrant father returns from a long period away and struggles to reconnect with his distant son.

In a near-future United States where temperatures have reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit and wildfires burn with a vengeance, a teenage girl from Arizona anxiously awaits her construction worker's father's return from his workplace.

Throughout her life, a young woman from the future has gathered evidence about her ancestors to understand the way they lived before and during the era when society was reimagined.

On a distant planet, the elders who bring sunlight into the sky have gone missing in the midst of a world war against humans. One child must find the sun gatherers and help defeat the humans.

In a post-apocalyptic America, two brothers travel across the country to find a woman who can help save one of them from a terrifying magical fate.

Some time in the near future, people begin mysteriously disappearing near a dangerously polluted river in Detroit. As these instances continue to occur, a local middle-aged woman begins to question whether the water itself may be to blame.

Despite his children and grandchildren living on the futuristic New Earth, an elderly man refuses to evacuate a destroyed Earth because of his ties to the land and its environment. With the help of two young girls, he learns to capture some of the magic of his home away from home.

Extraterrestrial visitors promise solutions to America's financial, environmental, and energy problems - in exchange for the country's black citizens. A cultural struggle breaks out to determine whether the trade will be made.

A young boy sits on the shore of one of Earth’s remaining beaches, his last moment at the planet’s natural sites before mankind must evacuate the planet it destroyed.