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On a futuristic street haunted by denizens of the past, the ghosts discover a baby among them. As he grows, the child begins to understand his complicated existence.

In a near-future United States where temperatures have reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit and wildfires burn with a vengeance, a teenage girl from Arizona anxiously awaits her construction worker's father's return from his workplace.

A young woman prepares in case there is a natural disaster, unaware that wildfires, earthquakes, and stormy politics have already begun — and will continue — to complicate her relationship with her boyfriend.

In a world brimming with magical realism, a young girl in Communist China confronts a malicious member of the Red Guard when he threatens her ailing grandmother.

Told in 5 parts, the Spring Festival takes us to Jiangnan, Chin. We meet a newly turned 1-year-old, a drone privacy invasion, matchmaking clones, a holographic classmate, and a runaway visit to see the moon.

A Chinese-American man reads messages written on live origami animals that his estranged mother folded for him before she passed away.

A recently graduated high school senior who spends his summer as a garbage man suddenly stumbles upon what makes China Town stink so badly; the murdered corpses of hopeful Chinese immigrants who failed to pay their debts.

A cyborg soldier planning his escape from a government facility develops an unlikely connection with a human agent which might develop into something more.