Short stories tagged with Debt

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In a dystopian future, a man tries to convince his daughter not to return to the cult that has put her in debt through a disturbing, invented currency which bonds humans together.

A patient landlady and her peculiar tenant share a curious financial relationship, resulting in an act of generosity that spells freedom for one and ruin for the other.

A woman finally forms a relationship with her half-sister, but becomes concerned for her well-being; the half-sister and her husband each tell the woman a different story.

After a tense dinner party at a wealthier family's house, a young girl and her family get into a car accident that sets the girl's life on a dark and magical trajectory. Once she grows older, she sets out on a road trip with hopes to leave her haunting past behind and start anew elsewhere.

When the father of an accomplished boxer bets on one of his son's matches, the son loses and the family finds themselves in a deluge of debt. Soon, they are involved with dangerous mobsters and a world full of fixed fights and broken deals.

The nephew of a deceased housekeeper goes around to different apartments of high society figures in New York City, asking the housekeeper’s past employers if they can spend some money for her funeral arrangements.

In order to pay off his debts to a Chinese triad, a gambling addict is forced to work as a deliveryman for the triad leader.

A man who sponsors his cousin’s immigration to America struggles to protect his daughter from the hard truths of his relative’s experience in Nazi concentration camps.

Three girls in three different worlds, ranging from New York City to a fantasy kingdom, all grow diamonds in their bodies when they are sad, and each is exploited for this in a different way. As they grow older, this ability determines the shape and outcome of their lives.

A successful gentleman whose ventures have recently failed goes on a miserable quest to find a seam of ore, following a questionable character who claims to have found it.