Short stories tagged with Sadness

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An old man recalls how the death of King Kong caused him to lose someone he loved.

A man who unknowingly talks to himself wonders why a woman who is satisfied with her marriage is having an affair with him.

Children on the planet Venus eagerly wait for the sun to shine for the first time in years, but when the one child who actually remembers sunlight tries to insist the event will happen, the other children turn on her.

As a woman grows older, she falls into a deep sadness while the men around her constantly tell her to cheer up.

When a modern man sitting in Lagos traffic receives an email from his ex-lover of lifetimes ago, he reevaluates the facts of his prosperous but ultimately empty life.

A man goes to a farmhouse to meet with his young son and considers his relationship with the boy.

In Long Beach, California, a religious Chinese immigrant finds a job caring for a teenage boy suffering from leukemia. By watching M*A*S*H and reading the Bible, they find solace in one another during the last months of his life.

A boy at a boarding school writes a letter back to his mother. He fights back tears and must face another harassment from his bullies.

When a woman talks to a man in bed, their conversation reminds her of a short story she read earlier, and she wonders if she is stupid like the story's character.

After the death of his wife, a man finds a photo album of computer-generated age progression pictures that prompt him to think about the unresolved disappearance of his young son.