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In a society of being called Blue People that are only born as a half, a Blue Person loses contact with their other half. They go on a journey to figure out what happened.

A young man who has wasted his life finds himself sucked into a non-human world — a gray, ghostly landscape to which those who don't make use of their time are drawn, potentially forever.

A depressed barista meets a famous actor at a party. They go back to her place, where he asks personal questions she's not willing to answer.

A man goes to a farmhouse to meet with his young son and considers his relationship with the boy.

As a woman slips in and out of sleep, her dreams become windows to moments in her life.

A divorced playwright living in an expat community in Mexico spends a night ricocheting between a dilettantish friend's household, his play, his ex-wife, and his own demons as he descends into an intense marijuana high.

A woman trying to get a flight to America begins to spend time with the attendant who booked her flight and learns about his personal history.

A teenage boy follows in the footsteps of his favorite teacher and leaves his small, rural community to attend a faraway college. However, a chance encounter with an old man makes him remember the value of nostalgia and one's birthplace.

A teenage boy tries to navigate his personal relationships while he attempts to understand his many experiences of domestic and interpersonal violence. He struggles to find connection with anyone other than his eccentric, ailing grandfather.

Two clairvoyants pursue a romantic relationship that they know will end in heartbreak; at the same time, they reconcile with the power that their gifts have over each other.