Short stories tagged with Family Relationships

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A mother sends her young daughters to buy sugar, but to her great disdain, they end up playing with it.

A young woman must repair the record-keeping AI robot she is tasked with the care of. As she sets about trying to fix the robot, she stumbles upon family secrets, leading to a series of difficult decisions.

After a troubled teenager living with his grandparents in southern California gets busted for drugs, he spends the summer with his mother and his new stepfather, where he slowly reforms his behavior.

A young girl befriends a city boy one summer and introduces him to her world of Swamp Apes, fairies, and her pet gator Dragon.

A teenage girl's parents debate a neurological treatment that would allow her to participate in life more easily but could also mean giving up the wonderful, unusual talents the girl possesses.

A middle-aged father starts to get mysterious visits from Italian mobsters as his marriage detiorates.

A father reflects on his parental failures and his growing age as he drives through California on a rainy night.

A teenage boy tries to navigate his personal relationships while he attempts to understand his many experiences of domestic and interpersonal violence. He struggles to find connection with anyone other than his eccentric, ailing grandfather.

An older mother frets over her third, most troublesome and combative daughter, who may be having an affair.

A Canadian family drives out to the forest with their reserved, American friend. On their way home, a deadly encounter with a angry bull spurs the American into action, changing his relationship with the family.