Short stories tagged with Tragedy

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A man looking for work on a lakeside town gets involved in the lives of a young couple who are in love, but the girls' parents do not approve of the relationship.

A mother sends her young daughters to buy sugar, but to her great disdain, they end up playing with it.

A former stableboy set to marry the wealthy daughter of the proprietress defies his future-wife's wishes to turn him into a gentleman and returns to his horses.

A girl with a big imagination tries to use magic to heal her little brother, but the consequences are far worse than she could have dreamed.

In an attempt to mend her family's generational trauma, a young Black girl embarks on a four-day therapeutic retreat that will end in reconnecting with their enslaved ancestors.

An African man arguing for his ancient grandfather’s passage to Mecca tells the story of his enslavement and separation from his brother during the American Civil War.

In the 1800s, a team of Native American men travel by horse to Gavelston Bay, Texas, and form a connection with another tribe along the way. However, the joy of discovery is cut short by immense tragedy.

A young man visiting his friend's girlfriend tries to figure out how to process his attraction towards. After a sudden tragedy, he is tasked with tracking her down and delivering old love notes from his friend.

In a world where there is no smell, taste, pain, death, or digestion, the people are left hungering for one thing: love.

A Puerto Rican woman married to an abusive husband engages in an affair with a Puerto Rican chef. As the two of them confront the cruelty of the world around them, they also develop a deeper love for their shared heritage.