Short stories tagged with Solitude

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When a World War II soldier returns home to San Francisco, memories of a late friend keep him from enjoying the normalcy of civilian life.

A twentieth-century ranch caretaker in Montana finds his peace of mind disrupted when the ranch is sold to a corpulent gay Wall Street banker.

When a young Australian woman meets an Indian immigrant at an electronica concert in Paris, a touching one-night stand allows the pair to bond over their isolation.

A college professor goes on a wilderness retreat to better connect with some ideas of American Literature, but his plan backfires and turns into a learning moment for his students.

After his wife leaves him, taking their kids, a man realizes that his vivid nightly dreams have disappeared with her.

A man lives with his greyhound on a desert island reflects after a recent apocalypse brings all of the world’s towers crashing down. He writes letters to a distant friend, whom he hasn’t heard from in a long time but still hopes to meet in person one day.

In the absence of his parents, a young boy reluctantly turns to his elderly maid for help when his piano teacher starts to make inappropriate advances on him.

A German hotel owner in Hawaii experiences a jolt of excitement in his life when a young woman who loves literature and detests flights as much as he does checks in his hotel with her husband.

When a mysterious businessman moves into the house next to his, a South African widow finds himself and his painter daughter embroiled in a political scandal.

When an older woman seeks reprieve from her motherly duties on a day of solitude in the woods, an unexpected slip changes her life forever.