Short stories published in 1989

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After witnessing a wife wracked with grief stand over her husband's dead body, a priest is filled with anxiety at the thought of both his own and his loved ones' mortality.

A drug-addled hitchhiker takes a ride with a family. Their car gets in a collision, and the hitchhiker wanders around the scene, unwilling and unable to help.

Torn between her perfectly nice husband and her own career, a young woman must decide how much she's willing to sacrifice for the life she wants.

A man attends a classical music concert and uses it as a surrealistic form of escape as he copes with the news of his mother's death.

When a World War II soldier returns home to San Francisco, memories of a late friend keep him from enjoying the normalcy of civilian life.

A middle-aged, divorced man learns of three deaths of people he once knew. The news of each brings him slight relief from the shame he feels about his failed marriage.

A Canadian woman recalls the self-actualization, love, and loss that a recently deceased friend brought into her life throughout their yearslong relationship.

A lonely man hears a story about a blind African-American basketball player and wonders if the story may have saved his broken relationship.

A Jewish illusionist gains the favor of the masses with his original tricks. When other magicians arrive on the scene, he must take his talents to their highest potential to compete.

Fresh out of rehab, a young man returns to New York City searching for girl he used to know, finding ghosts from his past along the way.