Short stories published in Fever

Listing 8 stories.

A man attends a classical music concert and uses it as a surrealistic form of escape as he copes with the news of his mother's death.

A lonely man hears a story about a blind African-American basketball player and wonders if the story may have saved his broken relationship.

An American visits an Israeli friend from his past who had recently emigrated to Maine and gotten remarried. They discuss the hostage situation in the Middle East and she reflects on where her loyalties lie.

A writing critic reviews the construction of Charles Chesnutt’s stories and how to write surfiction.

A white woman becomes enamored of a Black jogger, so she invites him and his running partner over for water when she suddenly takes her clothes off.

A young Black girl explores the city in which she lives with exuberance. She reflects on the childhood myths that terrify and excite her, such as the old adage that stepping on a crack will break her mother's back.

A lonely retiree attempts to tell his Black cleaning lady about his imprisonment in an incarceration camp, but the woman rushes to finish her work before Christmas.

A man retells the inspirational story of a blind, Black pianist’s rise to success and how he came to see music as his light and his inability to see race as a gift.